BURDEN: Finding Homes

 September 6th - 20th

Opening Reception September 6th 7-10p

curated by felix morelo

It is a BURDEN when art does not sell and just accumulates; 
stagnating the artist physically and spiritually, not leaving space for new work and ideas. This takes me to a dark place, thinking that I want to quit, that since I cannot sell the art, or desire to give it all away, that I should just BURN IT ALL DOWN and be free of it all! But instead of going to that extreme, I’ve decided to stop making art for a year or more, and concentrate on having many shows and “FINDING HOMES” for the art.

For this exhibition Felix Morelo invites 4 Visual Artists NOT to adhere to any his themes or concepts about “BURDEN” or “FINDING HOMES” in their art, (that’s his trip and they are not obligated) .unless they choose to so. Instead, he asks them to just be present, and present their best works regardless of any style, theme, or subject matter as moral support, with the hope they their works too are continually “FINDING HOMES” and don’t become a “BURDEN”..

Alongside the visual art, Felix also invites 4 Performance Artists to SPECIFICALLY interpret concepts on the nature of ”BURDEN”, how they manage it, how they get rid of it, and also the need of “FINDING HOMES”, whether is (physical or spiritual) for themselves, their art, and their ideas.


Visual Artists

Felix Morelo
Isabelle Schneider
James Rubio
Keisha Prioleau-Martin
Katelyn Ong


Performance Artists

Brian McCorkle
Alejandro Chellet
Felix Morelo
Claribel Jolie Pichardo