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February 22 - February 28, 2019 (VAGUE HAVEN) a contemplation of the natural, lush, fertile paradise, an eden of sorts, within the context of today’s technological culture. A place where lovers and refugees hide or take shelter as a community. This haven is intended to be a playground for creative interactions, performance and experimentation. (HAVEN) a place of safety or refuge, a haven for wildlife (VAGUE) seemingly; apparently but not really. Interactive and immersive installation curated and concieved by Kim Doan Quoc, Oya Damla, Kira de Coudres and MAKS | special thanks to 3_Search and Levy Lighting for providing resources for the show. OPENING on 2/22 from 7p-12a with What is this / 185668232 + Crackhead Barney + MAKS / Durational performance by Kira de Coudres entry is $10 CLOSING on 2/28 from 7-10p with performance artists: Tobaron Waxman, Anna Hafner, durational performance by Kira de Coudres, others to be announced, entry is $10