ONISM is seduction

“You all inspire me so much! And I’m not gonna lie. I was perpetually jizzing the entire show… Then [ONISM] started and I completely lost it. My jizz started coagulating in a weird way. The stuff that was coming out of me was not normal. It was gold and glittery. Then I realized it wasn’t jizz at all. It was inspiration. I was oozing inspiration.”

— HEXPRESSIONIST, Los Angeles based noise artist

“The experience of ONISM is one that at first takes you to a comforting scene of erotic aesthetics. Tricking the mind into believe that your safe in the perspective of self. It then rips off the vail of comfort and thrusts you onto a dinner plate of sensuality where you are the main course. Pushing and pumping emotions of pleasure and fear into your veins. leaving you with a sense of unfulfilled sensuality that afterwards makes you yearn for more.”

— Danny Gonzalez, international performance artist


“Although I have never seen a live birth, Oya Damla and ONISM created a visceral, intense interpretation of this sacred act. As a laser-beam-wielding participant, I was sucked into the naturalistic magick that is the artists’ hallmark. Blessed be those who are able to experience their distinct performances!”

— John Maggi


"If art is supposed to make you feel some kind of way, [ONISM] succeeded. My first impression seeing the setting up of the performance was - ok, this is going to be about space and aliens, then I saw symbols and I know how powerful symbols can be and so I thought, ok, some occult shit. OK, so the performance starts and I got a bit nervous cause there was sage being burned and while sage is used in many spiritual practices to clean energy, with the aesthetics of everything around me, and being a witch myself, I was skeptical. So then the fog machine, now my mind is really RACING, that staunch bitch in me was like, what exactly is going on here, is this dangerous, what if they are terrorist and we're in this place, can't see, they putting stickers on all of us, what if it's a mark, I mean RIDICULOUS shit going on in my head... By the end of the performance I felt I was getting the message of what it was all about and I even thought maybe I could identify with some of it through the spirituality I practice (Ifa/Santeria/Vodun). What started out as skeptism later turned out to be - I'm glad I stuck around and saw this performance."

— Real Diva Adanna